After School Clubs Raw Soccer

Our After School clubs are structured coaching sessions run by our FA-qualified Raw Soccer coaching team. Come and learn new skills, drills, tricks, turns, heading, shooting, passing and dribbling through fun coaching and small sided games.

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2018 Autumn Term – 14 weeks – £49.00

Wednesday 4-5pm5th September – 12th December4-5yrs
Wednesday 5-6pm5th September – 12th December5-6yrs
Thursday 4-5pm6th September – 13th December6-8yrs
Thursday 5-6pm6th September – 13th December9-12yrs

2019 Winter Term – 12 Weeks – £42

Wednesday 4-5pm9th January – 3rd April4-5yrs
Wednesday 5-6pm9th January – 3rd April5-6yrs
Thursday 4-5pm10th January – 4th April6-8yrs
Thursday 5-6pm10th January – 4th April9-12yrs

2019 Summer Term 12 Weeks – £45.50

Wednesday 4-5pm24th April – 17th July4-5yrs
Wednesday 5-6pm24th April – 17th July5-6yrs
Thursday 4-5pm25th April – 18th July6-8yrs
Thursday 5-6pm25th April – 18th July9-12yrs